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Kombi keysHow would you like to have your own classic VW Kombi? Have a look for Kombis for sale at

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Do you have a classic VW that you want to sell? A Kombi, Type 3 or a Beetle? Maybe it's a project that you haven't quite finished, or maybe you're a traveller and need to get home soon and don't have the time or energy to sell your vehicle. We will pay a fair price for your Kombi or VW and will make sure we find it a loving home.

Contact us now to sell your Kombi or VW.

Are you looking to buy a Kombi? Righteous Kombis have a number of Kombi vans for sale. You can now realise your dream of travelling around Australia in a classic bay-window VW Kombi campervan. Buy a Kombi from Righteous Kombis and see Australia in style. If like many travellers to Australia you have flown into Sydney and are planning the ultimate Kombi roadtrip, buying a Kombi from Righteous Kombis is for you.

Why not check out our fleet of Kombis for sale. All our Kombi campers have a name and a personality so there's sure to be one to suit your style.

Kombi fanatics can also purchase a range of Kombi merchandise and VW-related products from our online store, from Kombi clocks, Kombi moneyboxes and Kombi and Beetle models to VW Camper tent, coasters, Kombi t-shirts, MP3 players, VW manuals and more. Or, contact Righteous Kombis about Kombi sales.

Did you know there are many different ways that people spell Kombi? The correct spelling in English is Kombi, and some European countries spell it Combi. In Germany it can be referred to as VW-Bus and Bulli or Bully. In Denmark it is called Rugbrød and the Finns call it a Kleinbus. In the US it is sometimes called a Microbus or a Westfalia.


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